Descent 2nd Edition

Looking to play Descent 2nd Edition

Anyone interested?

Whats your best day and time?

I have played this game FTF and love it. I have seen people playing it on VASSAL but I can’t find the module? Can you help me?

Many modules you see on vassal are created for personal use and may not be made available to the public without consent from the company. Some companies don’t mind giving consent, but others are more reluctant.

I would be interested in playing Descent. I can adapt timewise.

I haven’t yet played a game on Vassal, but I want to! I would love to try this game (I have a copy also).

I’m down to play, I also own a copy of the game and the Lair of the Wyrm exp.

I would be interested in trying a game. Thanks. I’m in the EST, and could be available most evenings after 8pm.

reading about it now : )

pm sent

I am interested in playing Descent, so can anyone please tell me where to find module for Vassal?


I’m very intersting too… may i have thw module please?

I have found 2 so far on bgg: … -continued … sal-module

if someone has any other please pm/email me with information :slight_smile:


ok refreshing
I would like to start new campain with conversion kit + Lair of teh wyrm expansion
probably PBEM than online but it wil depend on you guys mostly :slight_smile:
anyone intrested?
please PM me

i would like to learn to setup and play this if you are willing.

I’m up for a game, teaching is no problem if your interested lavabeast.

whats a good day and time for you

Are you still looking for players? I am mostly available weekends starting in the afternoon.
I am in Eastern Standard Time.

I would be happy to game this as well if time frames work. I am on EST. Generally nights/weekends.

Night/weekends work best for me too. I am East Coast Standard time. I hope we can get something going.

Is anybody playing this yet. I am down for Friday nights for CST. I would like to start a campaign with a few house rules if we could. I can’t seem to get anyone to see the potential in this.