Detached Map and the Server Controls or Debug Side Window not showing

Vassal 3.6.4 (snapshot 0885e2c-master); Mac and PC.

My latest module work involves a detached map. My first online game with the module has revealed an issue with initialising the module window, that I do not get when the map is attached to the module window.

This is what we all normally see and expect when the server controls are turned on, or if you start a game online using the wizard:

In my module, what I and other see is this:

The side windows are missing. Same is true if you try setting the debug window.

In fact the window panes are hidden and will be revealed if the module window is re-sized or maximised, thus:

To confirm; yes, the welcome to the main room message block only appeared when I re-sized the window. I did nothing more than that.

This happened for players on Mac and PC, and none of us had seen the issue in other modules but the modules we generally use do not use a detached map main.

UPDATE: I have decided not to use the Map button but rather let the user preference determine if the map will be detached. This seems like a better solution in my case and it makes the problem with main window moot, as debug and server controls windows are also detached (and displayed).

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