Dialog Box Text not appearing in MacOS V3.6.xx - is that fixed in 3.7?

Felt a little like a memory leak or displaced pointer - i f I left a few vassal game windows opened for a fairly long time (I tend to leave them open and just keep loading vlogs as turns go by - often for weeks) that at some point the “sytem” dialogs (like save game ok/cancel) would not display the text or even the button image - oddly the region where the button was could be clicked and it would work if I guessed the location accurately.

I searched a bit but couldn’t find anything - is this bug specifically fixed in 3.7.xx for MacOS?

Thanks as always for everyone’s hard work

Have you raised this explicitly before and gotten it logged as a bug report previously, or is the first time mentioning it?

You can search the CHANGES document to see if you can find a listed bugfix that’s in the ballpark, but might need to try a few different search terms depending on how it’s written (if it exists).

Also, check the Maximum Heap specified in the Preferences of the module. If this is very low, this will accentuate even a minor memory leak. Increasing this may help in the short term


On Windows, we can use the Task manager to monitor the memory usage of Java running the module:

You probably have an equivalent in MacOs. Monitor the memory usage of Vassal over time and see if it is steadily increasing.


For MacOS, you use the “Activity Monitor” app - search it from the Launchpad (icon here):

Look under the Memory tab on the Activity Monitor. It looks to me that there is no “Java” labelled app but instead main Vassal app appears as “Vassal” and the module appears under the module name.