Dice Button Report Format Request

Well after reading about some of the things people want (all very cool). I hope what I’m asking for should be an easy thing to put in. In the Dice Button Report Format there are vars to report several things, but I’d like to add one that will report the actual number rolled on the die. There is already a $result$ var that will report the total number (dice roll + modifiers), but there isn’t a way to get just the number on the dice rolled.

This is useful to me because in the game we are playing rolling a natural 1 on a d6 is always a fail and rolling a natural 6 is always a success. Thus when the report I get back is: 1d6 + 3 = 7 the players have to do subtraction to figure out if they rolled a 1 or a 6. I’d like to have it look like this: 4 + 3 = 7.

Current reporting format is: makes an $name$: $nDice$d$nSides$ + $plus$ = $result$



Good idea. Added as RFE #2750887


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