Dice Questions for Betrayal at House on the Hill

Hey everyone!!

I played my first 2 games of betrayal at house on the hill today and I LOVED it! I was super stoked to see that vassal has a module for it so that I can play with my friends that arent around.

As I was poking through the module I found that most everything is in perfectly playable condition and I’m excited to play, but the dice were off. The original game comes with 8, 6 sided dice, but they aren’t numbered 1-6. They are either blank, 1, or 2. The engine has the ability to roll up to 8 dice, but they’re all numbered wrong. Kind of a big deal when the cards, and manuals, and stats all depend on numbers between 0 and about 10, but you regularly roll 30’s and 40’s.

Did I just miss something? Is there any way to fix that? Will I have to use another program for it? Any help?

It could be fixed by using symbolic dice component (where you define each side of a die’s face) instead of the regular dice component. You should contact the module author and let them know if they want to fix it