Dice with tens and units?

Has anyone created a dice role based on two six-sided dice that yields values as 10s and 1s, resulting in numbers from 11-16, 21-26, 31-36, 41-46, 51-56, and 61-66?

This might be as simple as not displaying a “,” between the die results.


Use Symbolic Dice. Die 1 is 10’s digit. Die 2 is 1’s digit.

Print $result1$$result2$

This will produce:

Print 11
Print 12
Print 13 and so on

But will it produce 17-20, 27-30, 37-40, 47-50 and 57-60, which are not part of the requirement.

Is there a way to say that the 10s die contains numbers 1-6 and the 1s die also contains numbers 1-6?

Use only 6 faces (numbered 1-6) for each of the symbolic dice.

The first die will still be the 10’s digit but can have only the values 1-6 assigned to it.
The second die will still be the 1’s digit but can have only the values 1-6 assigned to it.

I’ve just spent an hours fiddling around with Symbolic Dice and either I’m not as quick as the rest or this is just not intuitive. It is unclear what the Report Format should be Symbolic Dice dialog if you want two symbolic dice with 6 sides each. One as the 10s and one as the 1s. If you can get this to work, can you send me what the Report Format field string is? Thanks

On the other hand if I could get the generic Dice Button (for two dice) to not display the comma between the two values, it would accomplish the same thing. But I can’t figure that one out either.


I have uploaded a test module for you to look at. You can download it here:


If you press the ‘Dice’ Button on the toolbar you will get:

Print 11
Print 12
Print 13 and so on

Each digit will be between 1 and 6.

The Report format is in the definition of the Symbolic Dice Button.
It is:

Print $result1$$result2$