Did build files go away?


I’m building an extension for SWED3-2.zip, something I’ve done hundreds of times. In the past, I could build separate extensions, and then combine them into a bigger one by splicing together the buildfile text and combining all the images. But, I can’t seem to find the buildfile now with this latest version of Vassal and the .vmdx files.

The reason I need access to the buildfiles is because I can’t edit an extension and save it without the application freezing up. I can create an extension and save it (vmdx) but if I go back in to edit it, neither “save” nor “save as” work, they just make the application freeze up. Using the “save” button greys the button out, but it never reverts back to white and never appears to complete the save. I’ve been trying creating an extension with about 400 new pieces, but twice now, it freezes up around 100 pieces or so. So my workaround is to make a batch of smaller extensions of 20-30 pieces each and splice together the buildfiles, but now I can’t even seem to find the buildfiles.

Windows 11 computer and like I said, never had problems in the past but it’s been a while.

Modules and extensions still contain buildFiles. In anything saved with Vassal 3.5.0 or later, the file will be called buildFile.xml instead of buildFile.

In order to help further, we need to know what version of Vassal you’re using, and also to see an errorLog from a run where you have the problem.

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Thanks. My extensions now save under the .vmdx format. When they were zip files, I could easily enter those files and locate the Buildfile, but how do I do the same for vmdx?

Module extensions remain ZIP archives, just with an altered file extension (.zip → .vmdx). You can do it the long way by renaming the file, or use a software utility that will open it directly. For instance, with 7zip I can merely right-click a module extension file and open it with 7zip to get at its contents (no file renaming required).


Ok I did it the long way and that works just fine, thank you! I’m not used to editing xml files but am getting started with xml notepad. Is there an easy way to stitch a bunch of buildfiles together? Used to be as simple as ctrl-x and ctrl-v in the right section of the text but it’s a different format altogether now.

Not sure what you mean? The buildfile (or buildfile.xml) format has never changed.

Do you mean that the XML in Extension buildfiles is different to what you are used to? Yes, it is, the Extension xml file contains fragments of buildfile XML wrapped in an ExtensionElement element that tells Vassal where in the module structure the enclosed extension fragment needs to be inserted. This is also the way it has always been.