Die Roller improvements

It would be great to give the die roller some additional settings:

-For a single die roll, the ability to report both the total -and- the results of individual dice. Right now, checking ‘Report Total’ suppresses the results of individual die rolls.

This is not optimal if you need to know both kinds of information about a particular roll. (For example, in Car Wars, if you roll damage against metal armor, in addition to the raw damage total, every 6 rolled on a die means you permanently lose 1 point of the the armor. As the die roller works currently, you need to uncheck ‘Report Total’ and then add up the dice total manually so you can check if there were any 6’s rolled.)

-Ability to pre-set particular dice types into a die roller, while allowing players to simply choose the number of them to roll. This is a variation of the ‘Prompt for values when button pushed’ checkbox, but the Number of Sides Per Die value is would be preset by the module designer. Right now, if this checkbox is selected, when players click the die roller, they get prompted with a dialog that asks for number and type of dice, and bonuses to add in. But in some games, you always roll d6s, or whatever, and get no bonuses, and the only thing that changes from turn to turn is the number of d6’s rolled. It’s annoying (and some players find it confusing) to have to enter numbers into the dialog every time the dice are rolled.

I realize this can be simply done by just setting up multiple die rollers (1 for 1d6, 1 for 2d6, 1 for 3d6, etc) but it would be nice to not have to set up these multiple die roller buttons for games with a large variation in the number of dice rolled in a given circumstance. (An example here would be RPGs where the player always rolls the same dice type but the number of dice rolled depends on the circumstances.)

-Also nice to have, the ability to have a single die roll generate two quantities. Some games read the results of a single die to determine two numbers: one might be the simple total rolled, and the other, some quantity based on the first one. For example, in the superhero RPG Champions, you roll for damage by totalling Stun and Body, where Stun is knockout damage and Body is killing damage. These are computed from the same die roll–Stun is just the raw total rolled, and Body is based on Stun, where a roll of 1=0 Body, a roll of 2-5 is 1 Body, and a roll of 6 is 2 Body. So you’re adding up two quantities based on the same die roll.

Also, an option to sort high to low or low to high for multiple dice being evaluated individually. Currently, you can sort from low to high.

I would add that there should be a way to setup an automatic notification for the other player when dice are rolled (ie send them an email) for when play is occurring asynchronously.

This would prevent cheats or the peception of cheating by creating a single version of the truth regarding die rolls as is used with Acts warhorses (google to get an example). Without this feature, players could do a turn over and over till they got the right die roll then mail their turn to their opponent. With the feature, players could agree that the only valid rolls must be explained when doing the roll (a player should be able to write comment with their roll).