Difference in inventory display between 3.5.8 and 3.6.0

Extra nulls appear. Examples follow for the Westphalia module. Just start a new game and open up some nodes in the inventory to see.

EDIT: Anyway I did remind myself how this inventory works so I should explain that so you don’t have to work it out.

Pieces may have 4 inventory relevant attributes:
InventoryIncluded (set to true if we want it in the inventory)

and the three layers from top to bottom:
InventoryOwnership (i.e. which side)
InventoryType (army, unit, debt etc…)

The problem is that not all of these make sense in all cases. For example debt and prestige don’t have a location so that attribute is left blank.
The same is true for units (except for French units).
When a piece does have a location it is usually either a place on the map on a player’s hand (but for a French unit it is either unassigned or a theater of war).

So before 3.6.0 if one of these fields was not set, it simply floated at the first level where it was set. Now in 3.6.0 there seems to be a default value of “null” which is not what I wanted and it is creating these extra unwanted layers.

Corrected for 3.6.1


Thank you so much. (Hmm the forum insists I have to say something longer than “thank you” so thanks again.)

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