Different images for different languages?

Is there a way to load different images for different map windows depending on the language? For example, in the Spanish version of Espana 1936, there’s this player mat:

But in the English edition it looks like this:

In other words, can you add a “translation” for a map?

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I know Paths of Glory 10.4 has alternate art for spanish card images, and that’s done by having images w/ the same filename in the “images_es” folder inside the zip structure of the vmod

I guess if you’re translating in the reverse direction (from a spanish module to add english translations) then you’d want to make an “images_en” folder inside the zip structure of the vmod.

I have no idea whether maps know to search in the alternate folder for images but it’s worth a try.


I took a look at the PoG module, thanks. So I have to unzip the module, create that directory, add the images (with the same filename it looks like), then rezip the module? Is that right?

Interestingly, the PoG module seems to use a mix of PNG and SVG files, I’m not sure what the significance of that is.

I guess another way to do it would be to add a layer to each image, though that would mean the user has to select each card manually with a hotkey or something, which would be a pain, and wouldn’t scale super well if you start adding other languages.

There is none. These probably remain from my brief (and not remotely as productive as Brian’s) custodianship of the module. Some pieces/overlays consisting only of text where SVG just looks better than rasters.

Yes, this is a standard feature for all images including maps.

Except that there is a bug and this feature us disabled when the primary language is selected as English, it has made the assumption that the base language of the module is already English.

I will get this fixed.

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@Brent_Easton Thanks!