Disappearing functions, help please

I have been beating my head against a wall trying to set up a simple card shuffle. I am using elements that I used previously and setting it up the same way but I can’t get it to work.

  1. A box with 96 coloured cubes, shuffled and draw at random, including drawing a specific number. It works for a while and then doesn’t work anymore.

  2. A set of markers which need to be shuffled. This breaks down to a number of problems.

a. First, I created a panel with boxes and added decks to fit within the boxes and enter the markers as cards. They do not appear
in the panel, but if I reposition the deck, I can see the images. The coordinates are as close to the middle of each box as possible.

b. There is a command to send cards to the draw box. But even if they appear, they do not get shuffled. There is no square indicating
the centre of the box.

I have had some trouble before but this is the first time a module is persistent in refusing to act according to the functions I laid out. I have rebuilt this module at least five times and every time I get the same behaviour.

When you create your decks, are you assigning them to the specific mapboard the decks reside on?