Discord Page

Hello everyone!

I have created a Discord Page dedicated to Vassal gaming. I have a couple other users that have joined and sending out this invitation to others who might be interested in joining. Please send me a DM and I can send you a link that is good for 24 hours to join the page.

I have separate categories for each game that we have an interest in so far, and can easily add more categories to accommodate additional users and interests. In each category I have a general chat channel, a channel for rules and supplements and as of now 3 voice channel rooms for those who want voice options while playing.

Hopefully we can grow it into a knowledge base/community hub for Vassal players to hang out, meet new players, set up games and share tips and strategies.

Please let me know if anyone has any questions or if this is some way violates Vassal rules. No offense or toe stepping intended.

Happy Holidays everyone!

what is a DM?

Direct message or Private message.

It might help to post an invite to the Discord location because there is no search option in discord, as it’s all by invitation only. I’f you’re unfamiliar with how to conduct an invite then simply post the link and we can get it that way.

The invite link is only good for 24 hours, that is why I haven’t simply posted the link and asked that people contact me via Direct Message. That way I can get people a current link without confusing people with multiple links in this thread.

There is already a VASSAL group with around 1000 members, is it the same ?

When you create the invite link, you can edit the properties for the link to make it never expire.

How would I find that?


Thanks :slight_smile:

It is not the same.

That page is dedicated purely for PBEM while our page has voice channels to allow voice communication for those wishing to play games live.

That page is also getting close to reaching its limit on channels I believe.