Do you like racing? Looking for online playtesters

We are testing this game: PitLane movement system is inspired on wings of war.

We are looking for a new group of playtesters,to test the game online using vassal.
We need people who really like racing games, and who want to play at least a game each 2 weeks. Experience on playtest will be appreciated but it’s not essential. People from European time zones will be better because it will be easy to find best time table to play. But we can adapt and find time to play on weekends with people from american timezones.

If you are really interested, please send me a message, or post here.

Player of Wings of War, Formula De, Motocross Grand Prix. I am familiar with vassal interested in playtesting

I will send a message with all the needed.

Still looking for people who want to help with playtest.