Do you want to play a vassal40k campaign?

Hi vassal40k fans,
Well i was asking myself if there where some people who wanted to play a campaign like: The planet Negodam is about to be invaded by dark Eldars so say some informators and rogue traders. Imperial guards have already been dispatched…etc.
If you are interrested please say something.

Salut fans de vassal40k,
Je me demendais si il y avait des gens interressés pour jouer une campagne du genre: La planète Negodam est sur le point d’être envahie par les Eldars noirs suivant des sources provenant d’informateurs et de quelques rogue traders. des Guardes Impériaux ont déjà été dispatchés sur la planète…etc
Si vous êtes intérressé, dites quelquechose merci.

i’m interested for sure! Let me know details about the campaign and I can join.
P.S I don’t know if this is important but I play Tau.

Hi thank you for replying,
Well if you play Tau there’s no problem, but first thing first, it will be my first arrempt so any good critics or help would be great.
Ok so Planet Negodam is under attack by dark eldars since 4 days now, imperial guard are losing more and more mens and no space marine chapter were called yet because of the velocity of the invasion. That’s were your Tau may join the fight, helping the imperial will sur bring a fresh moral and for the tau it’s an occasion to include a new planet in the greater good.

Now for my part, i’ll not play any fight i mean i love w40K since 21 years ago but were i lived and were i live now i’ve got no one really no one who want to play so the solo plays i’ve done are different that playing with another. But i want to make a campaign because i like that, when i read white dwarf and they make battle report of the mega mundial campaign that’s great.
Right now you’re the only one so maybe i’ll start to play again but i’ve to start like a noob, i mean i’ll start with a 250 Pts space wolfes and then expand them little by little…or maybe the Tau, i like them too.
In real models i’ve got a small army of space wolfe and i got a Tau army, i’ve even made a custom vehicule with Tau bits, i call it the spider, i’ll put a photo of it.
If you know about players who may join, please feel free to talk to them about it and remember the imperial are still losing a the days goes on. Oh and of cousre there’s a better scheme under that, the dark eldars perhaps even don’t know what there doing for them it’s just another attack for taking slaves…