Does anyone have the module for "October War"?

I would greatly appreciate help finding it as I didn’t see it on the main VASSAL web site.
Thank you,

see the module called something like “the missing SPI modules” for an explanation

my somewhat dim-witted understanding of this mess is essentially… Hex-War owns all electronic distribution permissions for old SPI (and TSR?) titles and because they see VASSAL as competition they have asked the VASSAL team not to host any files from material from those games on this website, even the games Hex-War has no intention to publish.

SPI/TSR is not the only one either, I think there are a couple other companies that have made the same request for their own games.

so that is why when you upload a module for VASSAL you have to state that none of your stuff is in violation of that policy.

Thank you Irish. I didn’t realize that these old titles were being held back. It sure is a shame, as they are so much fun to play.

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Of course, it should be possible for you to make your own module for
private use.

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