Does anyone offer help?

Does anyone offer help with teaching a few war games to folks. I see folks always looking for people to play with. I would love to play, just need to learn the games.

There are lots of helpful people out there who love to teach new folks how to use VASSAL. Weather PBEM or using it for LIVE play and voice/video chatting using various platforms out there. If you are interested in a particular game try joining the Discord Server for VASSAL and posting your request in the Opponents wanted section. I myself have taught many players how to use the VASSAL platform for many, many games LOL. I am mostly interested in live play of old Avalon Hill games to newer GMT or other manufacturer game. Just name some and I can help you if you need it.

There’s a step-by-step guide for downloading and using Avalon Hill’s Russian Campaign here:

thanks for the reply. great info on the discord server. I’ll look into some of those gmt games

As per Razor, name some games you are interested in, and if I can help I will.

Some games, like Twilight Struggle I’ve found work better elsewhere, on Steam in that case. But nearly everything else is as good or better on Vassal, and free.

Only other thing to consider is time zones. I’m in the UK, which if you are on say the west coast of North America is not so easy to find slots that work for live play.

I have played plenty of old AH games on Vassal, but generally play block games like EastFront, Hammer of the Scots etc. It all depends what you are interested in.

But whatever you’re interest I’m sure you’ll get plenty of help on this site


thanks for your time and reply John. Im wanting to learn American Revolution time period games.

Washington’s War is a good introduction to Card Driven Games. It simulates the entire Revolutionary War.

Jim Hunter.

Unfortunately that’s not a period for which I have any games: the nearest would be 1812 (card driven block game about the US invasion of British Canada). More than happy to look at that with you if you are interested.


… teaching a few war games to folks.

Perhaps a good starting point for learning wargames is to start with one of the many introductory games, many of which exist as Vassal modules. I will give a (partial, and biased) list below:

Another great game which isn’t too complicated but is widely considered a great wargame is Afrika Korps (again, ch-2.0 contains the rules and tutorial).

Full Disclosure The modules listed above are either by myself or has version (ch-X) by myself.

The modules by me generally has automatised actions, such as battle resolution, etc. The players still have to implement the results, but a lot of the calculations etc. are done for you.

Of course, nothing beats sitting down with a friend across the table and play out a game, pushing cardboard. If you are up for a bit of crafts, you can find some free (as in beer and speech) Print’n’Play games at LATEX Wargame page. There, you will also some help on making the games.

Hope this will be of some help.