We are playing a three player game of Dominion via EM.

After about 10-12 file exchanges Player 1’s card’s will not conceal from the other 2 players.

Discarding and reshuffling is no help. Even flipped the other players can see them like they were thier own cards.

Any thoughts?

Is it possible someone’s changed their password to be the same as another player’s?

If the passwords of two different players were the same, that could let the two players share each other’s files.

I’m not sure if the two other players matched. Rolled that out to them, we’ll see.

However, I’m pretty sure mine is unique - and I can see the 1st players cards.

I’m stumped & I cut my teeth on VASL when it first came out.

Maybe the save game got corrupted somehow (although I couldn’t immediately think of how). Could you post it somewhere so we could see what we can make of it?