Double Blind Games on VASSAL

I’m creating a double blind game module. Are there any other truly double campaign games already VASSALized, that have hidden OOB setups and where the “observer” who can see cannot spoil the game?

I’m trying to accomplish a truly double blind high fog-of-war module that has all counters hidden from each other as well as the OOB. In fact I want the OOB (campaign setup sheet) to only be visible AFTER the player has selected the side. And I certainly don’t want the observer to see anything at all, but as a “developer” I still need to be able to edit the module. This is much different than just making game pieces Invisible.

I’m hoping there are already some double-blind campaign modules already developed under VASSAL.

If you get anywhere with this let me know. I started working on this for the VASL (ASL) module and technically it’s complicated. At least the way I approached it was complicated, which involved creating a custom component that uses the piece INVISIBLE_TO_ME trait to hide and show counters as they come in and out of view.

Would love to see a hook in VASSAL proper for double blind, which is where it should really live.