Double, over-laying

Very odd incident occurred during an online game today.

It was a 6 player game, everyone on Vassal 3.5.4 -SNAPSHOT-95b893e38

I started the game and opened scenario 2 in the list of scenarios. The players joined and we started the game. It soon became clear that one of the players had a very different map on view that the rest of us. Also, the module was behaving strangely, with some duplicate
automated actions occurring when this player initiated a turn end.

The player shared his screen and seemed to have a combined map comprising the scenario that we were playing and the map from the first scenario in the pre-set scenarios section of the module. Noone else had this corrupt display and when the player exited Vassal and re-started / synch’d back to the game, we encountered no further issues.

I wonder how this could happen. None of the players involved had opened “scenario 1” and all had sync’d to me.

I had this problem myself today, in different circumstances and a different module.

Sequence of events was:-

  1. I was working through some scenarios; open, do work on the scenario, save, update the Pre-Scenario in the module.

  2. I then did a Refresh all Preset scenarios.

  3. At the end of this, the first scenario in the module had been merged with the last scenario that I had worked on in step (1). This was very obvious from the map (pictured). All other scenarios seemed ok.

It is odd to encounter this issue twice in two days. I have seen it once before several months ago but never again until now.


Since you mention this was on a snapshot build – I recognize this as a bug I introduced along the way during 3.5.4 development and have recently fixed (yesterday). So it was probably something that was in snapshots for a while.

It occurred when a game was loaded on top of another one – failing to discard pieces from the earlier game.

“Ah the pluses and minuses of snapshot builds…” :slight_smile:

Thanks Brian. Maybe the guy opened up scenario 1 first and closed it before joining the online game. More recently, I found it was happening with Mass Refresh, if I didn’t close the game I was in before starting the Mass Refresh. I’m guessing that was the same reason.


Yes, it was a comprehensive loading-game-when-other-game-already-loaded-was-very-broken kind of situation (YAY ME!)