Downloading VASSAL and VASL module

Good afternoon,

I had downloaded VASSAL and a few modules a few years back but have since moved on to a few new computers. Frankly I have no idea how to download the engine again or if I should even try to download the latest version of VASSAL. I tried downloading the latest version but the ‘defender’ blocked it. Not a big deal as I am not sure I need the latest version so I can mark time for now.

To keep things simple I want to download the VASSAL version that will work with MMPs “Last Blitzkrieg” (link below). I’ll download the other two games once I get familiar with VASSAL/VASL again

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Module:Last Blitzkrieg: Wacht am Rhein, The Battle of the Bulge - Vassal (

You may wish to review the help topic for this common bane of Windows users!

You should download the current version of Vassal. The only support there is for older versions is a gentle suggestion that you upgrade to the current version.

Pardon the delay in responding gents. Your tip worked and I am happily playing a number of modules for games that are in my game room.


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