Drag multiple pieces from the palette

Hi: is there a way to drag multiple pieces from the palette to quickly populate the map ? I’m preparing a new setup with a game with many counters and draggin each one individually is a very slow process.
Thanks in advance

Describe how you would like this work, were it possible.

Currently is possible to select a group of pieces in the listbox keeping the shift key pressed but if you drag the image nothing happens. The idea is that in such a situation, when you drag the piece image on the map you will generate all the counters selected in the listbox.

At-Start Stacks might be a useful alternative for you. Once you create an empty At-Start Stack in the editor and place it, you can copy/paste items from a piece palette into that stack and populate a map with setup pieces a lot faster than building a predefined setup and dragging pieces one by one out of the palette.

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Yes this is a possible workaround, but this stack will be always placed on the map regardless the scenario.

That makes an At-Start Stack an even better fit for your needs. You might have other things to do to set up a scenario, but create the At-Start Stack once and it’ll be there at the outset every time.

I think he is saying that different scenarios will need different at-start stacks.

Exactly, this is the point: I need to create different scenarios with different placement of the counters on the map.