Dragon Pass

Back in the day, my brothers and I would play Dragon Pass every chance we could get. Would love to try my hand at playing it here on VASSAL. PM if interested to set up play time. I’m able to play most days starting at 0330 UTC/GMT.

I found Vassal quite by accident, while looking for copies of Nomad Gods. I still have my copy of Dragon Pass, purchased when I was just a teenager. I started writing an online version of Dragon Pass but, if Vassal does what I think it does, I may not need to complete this project right away.

Are you still looking for a play partner?

Ricochet should respond to you first but if he does not respond, I would be up for a game of Dragon Pass.

There is a vassal module already created for this game so no need to write your own. This is a two to three player game so if Ricochet is still interested and you are both up for a 3 person game I would be interested as well.

I have this game and started to read the rules, but never got around to actually playing it. I would be interested to start a PBEM initiation game if someone is keen to it.