Dumb question on module updates and the news

Okay so this is a newbie and probably a dumb question but when I was in the Army they told us the only dumb question was the one not asked.

So my question is when I update a module and post the update along with any notes in the module page does that automatically generate a new news topic in the forums, or do I need to create a post in the news section (somehow) forums about the update to let folks know?

I also think the moderations and approval cycle takes some time, and I know have made edits but not see anything in my email that it was approved.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, you need to write a news post, otherwise there will be no news post.

Please include a link to the module page in the news post you write.


Thank you and will do.

Still play testing my changes but once ready I’ll edit the module page and create a new news page.

Thanks again.

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