Dune Game monday nights 9:15 EST (NYC time)

My buddies and I meet up no Vassal each Monday to play various games. DUNE is WAY more fun when there are more experienced players. Let me know if you can join us. Time: 9:15ish PM New York City time. We usually play for about two hours and continue it the following week or in between if we can. We also might play a game of SHOGUN soon.

BTW - some of the automation on the DUNE mod can be glitchy, but we’ve come up with work-arounds that keep it moving.

I’d be interested in your Monday night Dune game if it’s still going. I’d qualify as an experienced player with many years of playing the game.

Let me know when you need a SHOGUN player… I presume it is for Queen Games SHOGUN?..

if there is room and you are willing to show me the ropes on the game I would love to join. Im currently reading the Butlerian Jihad right now preparing for the movie. Never played the game but have an old copy as a dsiplay.