Dune treachery cards

Macbook 2017
Catalina 10.15.5
Vassal 3.2.17
Dune 2.0 3.2.5 Avalon Hill’s Space Civilization Power Struggle Game

My friends and I experience the same glitch every time we play DUNE, but I was recently observing another group playing, and they didn’t seem to have the issue. Any insight would be appreciated.

ISSUE: In the bidding faze of play, when using the treachery cards window, after dealing the cards out facedown, the cards become inoperable. Atreides cannot peak at them, and after the cards are taken by any faction, they cannot be flipped ever again-- they remain facedown evermore. We have tried various methods to fix within the mod: using/not using the next bid button, dealing all the treachery cards out at once or dealing them one at a time per bid round, and others. but nothing seems to work.

WORKAROUND: Our work around is that atreides takes the card off the draw pile and peaks, and then holds the card until the winning bidder pays the bank/emperor, then attaides puts the card face up on the board for the person to take to their sheild. It is less than ideal because the rest of factions are on honor system to not look at it.

Any Ideas about this?

Thanks a ton!