DVG's Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations

I am interested in playing DVG’s Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations on the Vassal Engine. Be that as it may I don’t know much about Vassal so I wanted to ask players who have experience some questions please …

It is my understanding that HL on Vassal should play exactly the same way as the boardgame version. Is this correct? By this I mean I won’t need to learn additional rules to play on Vassal.

Does HL Vassal handle all the random events like the flipping over of cards, the drawing of chits, etc?

Do I use HL Vassal to update the Pilot Logs or do I still use paper for that?

Overall how do you like playing HL on Vassal? I am thinking that when I am away from the physical boardgame I can bring along my laptop and still enjoy playing HL.

Thank you in advance for any help!

Hi, I’d recommend trying out vassal with a free module or two first, if you haven’t already. Get it up and running, and put some modules through their paces. The modules themselves vary in scope and detail, but moving pieces around a few of them should give you some ideas. I don’t know the DVG modules, but the game’s rules should be the same I suppose (however they might be implemented differently, for example a turn counter on the board may be replaced by a turn counter in the toolbar). You might ask at BoardGameGeek too, if you haven’t already, on the game’s page there, for anyone’s thoughts who’s used it. Sorry this hasn’t been of more help.

It occurred to me that you might’ve been wondering if vassal actually handles/monitors the rules, and it does not. You still need to know and handle the rules yourself, just like on the table top.