Dynamic Hex Information

Is there any way of storing, changing and displaying various hex information during play - such as hex ownership?

-Mark R.

I haven’t used the hex grid so I don’t know if you can apply traits such as that to a specific hex. But, I’ve done this by creating a zone for each hex. Phenomenal amount of really boring work but I’ve found that you have a lot more control over each hex when it’s zoned as each zone can have it’s own Global Property and can be manipulated and accessed from anywhere with property filters.

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Is there any way of storing, changing and displaying various hex
information during play - such as hex ownership?

AFAIK there isn’t anything currently in the engine for doing this.
There is, I believe, a long-standing feature request for a way to do that,
so that one could record things like terrain, etc. on a hex-by-hex basis.
This is likely to be a large undertaking and has not yet even started being
worked on.

Thanks for the answers. Sort of what I expected.

-Mark R.

There is a way, but if it’s a lot of hexes then it will be an awful lot of work. Basically you’ll create a transparent piece that has all the features you want on it, put it on the very bottom game piece layer and then you can populate a hex grid with those pieces and treat them like any other pieces. You’ll probably want to make sure it doesn’t stack and can only be moved via specific keys. Make it hex shaped and the same size as the grid and you’ll get a nice highligted hex border when you select the hex during play if you so choose. Depending on how creative you want to get, you can have various icon/graphical states via the layer trait tied to dynamic properties.

Here is the Feature Request:

sourceforge.net/tracker/index.ph … tid=594234

vassalengine.org/tracker/sho … gi?id=1817

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Here is the Feature Request:

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Never had to worry about hexes properties myself, but that sure looks like a very nice trick to keep in mind. Thanks!