Dynamic Property and Text Label

I found this note under Dynamic Property in the Designer’s Guide:

Example: we define a Dynamic Property called Hit Points that represents the amount of damage taken by a warrior. Hit Points
has a maximum level of 20, and a minimum of 0. We add a command to the Property with a Command Menu item of Change Value
and a shortcut of Ctrl-V. When the user selects Change Value, the module prompts for the new value of Hit Points. Dynamic
Properties do not display their values on a Game Piece, but we could display the current value of each warriorʼs Hit Points using a
Text Label or a Layer.

Is there a way to have a Text Label automatically set to the Dynamic Property’s value?



Never mind. I found it! :smiley:

Why don’t you do everyone a favor and document how you did it?

Sorry for replying so late.

I have a dynamic property I’ve named Div_Number

In both the “Text” box and the “Name format” box of the Text Label property window I put $Div_Number$