East Front Series - Whole Shebang

Just looking for gaming experience with the East Front Series (GMT) of the whole East Front and the use of 3x separate modules to play it. Anything about your attempt and the fact that you have to play it on separate modules.

Hello - I have played all modules, including now AGC2 Campaign scenario. AGC2 has many changes in units, rules, and reinforcements, pool groups, initial set-up of units and much more. So I hope the other modules, including Typhoon are all updated in the next 12-18 months.

If you wish to reply by direct email I am also at hschweic@gmail.com

Thanks. I’m just curious how someone who might have played all three fronts at the same time might have handled it with 3x separate modules (instead of one larger 3-front module). A friend who, in the day, played all three fronts via Aid de Camp2 (has a module that combines all three fronts except the Caucasus) wants to take another shot at playing the whole campaign.