Easy to find OCS opponents for PBEM?

Hi all.

I’m going through the rules (the general rules) of OCS and until this moment I’m loving it. I have played some operational wargames before, but there was always this sensation that we have plenty of liberties to change focus by just pushing some counter to a new place, without the need for pre-planning. OCS focus on supply makes it much more realistic and, I presume, satisfying. Logistics is a very important part of operations planning and it seems to deal with that without overcomplicating. Yet, since I don’t really like to play hotseat (I will play one or two hotseat games to learn the system though) and I don’t really have a time of the day in which I can seat for hours, uninterruptedly to play a session, I would like to know how difficult it is to find an opponent for PBEM and where is the best place to find one. Is there any OCS specific forum around?


Good luck with OCS - its a great system. And I recommend it via PBEM - I have played many games over several years against several opponents - and its a great way to play.

I would suggest you look for the OCS forum on the Consimworld forum where you will find lively discussions around the series - a great way to learn more - or indeed have questions answered.

And there is also an OCS channel on Discord. Operational Combat Series

Good luck!


Thanks very much. To have a discord is a very good idea. I have searched for an OCS reddit but wasn’t able to find one, but those two links are already enough.

hi there. yes OCS is a pretty detailed operational system focusing on planning and logistics. the lack of rigid ZOC’s also makes it very dynamic and fluid which leads to exciting game play. I also prefer pbem instead of live vassal as it gives you time to prepare your moves which would be helpful for a game like this. I have played a couple games against more experienced opponents and would like to try more. I think some routine is helpful in order to better enjoy the system. let me know if you want to try out an introductory scenario. my email: nicsch5@yahoo.com

Hi danscher. I’ll finish reading the manual and will play one hotseat game at least, to get a better understanding of the game dynamics. I can e-mail you then and we can try some short scenario.

Ok. sounds like a plan