Eclipse PBEM game

I would like to play a four or six player game of Eclipse over e-mail. Any people interested?

I would be interested. I would be available weekdays. I am in GMT timezone.

I would definitely be interested. I already play online, at yet I would be up for many games at once. I never quit and don’t mind if the game takes weeks or months to play out. I don’t have the board game though, so whoever moderates will have to provide the board updates. I hope this is not a problem.

It takes a looooooooong time to Pbem, lol.

The current game I am playing via a forum starting back in September. We are only on round 6 or 7. Time I have :slight_smile:

I guess that’s not bad

So that’s three (including myself) for now…? I don’t think Eclipse necessarily needs a moderator, but I’ve never played a game by e-mail before, so I suppose you guys know better.

How would this work? When would you like to start? My e-mail address is

I’d be in too if you’re still looking for players.

5 players is great. Who is going to Mod the game? PorkStewJoe? Let’s get this ball rolling…

Agreed! Sounds fun. Looking forward to starting.

It seems I counted hawninge’s two posts as two separate participants, so we actually only have four players. However, this is fine too. I will send you all a PM.

Awesome. Looking forward to it.