Editing Game Logfile

I use Vassal for ASL and GTS and am interested in using it to help other players see how a game unfolds and stitching together various logfiles from scenarios played in ASL. I’d also like to be able to use VASSAL GTS to demonstrate the game for newbies using logfiles. Going back to correct errors by restarting and renaming the logfile to get to the point where errors were made in game play is possible but laborious.

Is it possible to do the above with Vassal as it currently stands, if not it would be great to extend its capability to do this in the future as people are often put off attempting games like this due to the learning curve and I think Vassal with the ability to put in commentary is an awesome way to help people.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

There are some tools for dealing with logs on the Tools menu in the Player, such as “Load Log and Fast Forwrad” and “Load Log, Fast Forward, and Append”. Have you tried those?

Thankyou Joel, I haven’t, I’ll have a go and evaluate how they help me with this particular aim.