Editing Layer Images in 3.5.1

Big problem here. If I edit a layer trait of a piece by selecting an updated, same file name, image the new image doesn’t show up until I save the module, close the module and then reopen it. So no immediate confirmation that you selected the correct image. This works properly in 3.2.17. There the new image shows up as soon as you click the OK button after selecting the image file with the same file name even before OKing the layer trait.

I am having trouble reproducing this. Could you please describe exactly what you mean by ‘new image doesn’t show up’?


Attached is a sample module created using the VASSAL 3.5.2-SNAPSHOT-module_list-ef53af5e2 editor you gave me earlier.

In it is just a simple map and just one piece. The piece has a layer trait with the 2nd layer being an orange tinted circle. The other attached file (copy in the root directory of the module file) is a blue hex outline image with the same file name as the orange tinted circle. If you edit the module and change the 2nd layer image from the orange circle to the blue hex outline, you can’t see that the editor accepted the blue hex outline image until you save the module, close it and then open it again in the editor.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks for the explanation, I had missed the key point that you are loading a new version of an image with the same name.

Will need Joel to comment to this.

Thanks, Brent. I sure hope you, Joel and the others still find fixing these thing fun as well as challenging. :slight_smile:

Try 3.5.2-SNAPSHOT-bug14088-9a3cea5e7: vassalengine.org/~uckelman/tmp/

Does that solve the problem you’re seeing?

Sorry, still doesn’t work. The change occurs it’s just that I can’t see it until I save the module, close the module and then open it up again.

Try 3.5.4-SNAPSHOT-bug14088-ab6bfeb7c: vassalengine.org/~uckelman/tmp/

Does that work?


That did it! Works like back in the old days. :slight_smile: