Editing Vlog files

Is there a tutorial somewhere describing how to manage, edit, and replay vassal log files?

There’s a section of the User’s Guide that deals with logfiles—you can access it from the Help menu within VASSAL, or view it online here. I’m not sure what is meant by “managing” logfiles, but you can right-click a module’s name in the module manager view and choose to add a Saved Game Folder for it, which will then show you all saves/logfiles it finds in the designated folder, sorted alphanumerically (ascending). Playing back a logfile after you load one just involves clicking through with the button in the toolbar (looks like an arrow pointing right by default, though it can be given a custom graphic by the module designer) or hitting the hotkey, which is PgDn by default. At any point during playback of a logfile you can pause and start a new logfile of your own, using the current position as a jumping off point–this is common in games that have interrupt/reaction possibilities.

Does any of that help?

Indeed. Very helpful… Especially the right-click on the module function. Thanks