Editor save error after viewing text help file


Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate (64-bit)
Asus K52N series w/8 GB Memory
Java v8 Update 291 (build 1.8.0_291-b10)
VASSAL 3.5.5, 3.5.6, 3.6.0-SNAPSHOT-666ee6b

With a module open In the editor I added a Plain Text Help File object to the Help Menu object. When I loaded KeyRef.txt file as the help file and viewed it, I was unable to save the module after. The error stated that the process was in use and unable to write. This does not happen with a pdf or the intro.html file but does with any text I tried. This also does not happen when not in the editor but in the game.

To repeat the problem: Open the example module, Choose Help from the Toolbar window and then choose Quick Start. A copy of the errorlog will display. Close the help and save the module.

Also attached is the ErrorLog generated during the test run. This happens with all the above listed VASSAL versions. Java was updated as well to no avail.


NB: Updating Java yourself when you’re using the Windows build of 3.3.0 or later will have no effect, because from that point on Java is bundled with VASSAL on Windows and will use the bundled Java.

The likely problem here is that HelpFile keeps the HelpWindow around once you’ve opened it, and HelpWindow uses HTMLWindowHelper, which holds a file handle open on the file you’ve added.