Editor window closing misbehaviour

There’s a usability issue with the Editor windows that’s been there forever but maybe could be fixed already in v3.6. Possibly it’s just Mac. Anyway…

Say you have a window position like this, you’re editing a trait and about to press the “OK” button…

When you press OK, both the editor windows disappear. In fact, the trait window has been closed and the main editor window is now behind the main map window. If you realise that and move the main map window, all can continue fine. However, if you select “Edit… Properties” (or press Cmd+P) both editor windows will re-appear, just as if you had never pressed OK.

Sometimes, it doesn’t happen like this and the main editor window remains in the foreground.

I think that one issue at least is that the Editor is not updating its state-memory when the trait window is closed; hence, it is restoring the trait window when the Edit-Properties command is selected, until another trait is editted.

Once I start editing modules under v3.6 in earnest, I will re-visit this this and advise if it is fixed or not.

This doesn’t seem familiar to me, so maybe Mac only.

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