Editor won't load extension when trying a game

If I open an extension for editing and then launch “New game” for testing things out, everything is fine.

However, if I open the main module (with an extension attached) for editing and then launch “New game” for testing, then only the main module will be loaded. The extension does not seem to be loaded. Like it was not there.

In short, unless I am doing something wrong, there is no way to smoothly test updates to the main module, and how said updates might interplay with extension components, without having to close the editor, and reopen either the module in playing mode or the extension in editing mode. Then close, reopen the main module in editing mode etc etc.

Could it be possible to fix this for an upcoming 3.5.x version?

Unfortunately, no, that is unlikely to change.

Editing a module specifically disables extension loading AND translation because the way they work interferes with the editing of the module.