Email help

I know it has probably been posted before, but could somebody help me get my email address on a module I would like to play? I tried to use edit but I have not seen it it posted there yet what am I doing wrong?

First you have to be logged into the module wiki. This is a separate login system than the forum. When you’re logged into the module wiki, you’ll see an area at the bottom for “Players”. To the extreme right of the “Players” title, you’ll see an “Edit” link. Click that.

You’ll be presented with the edit page that looks like this

== Players ==

followed by a list of other players (if there are other players listed). Create a gap somewhere in the list and place your own E-mail address in the list in this format:

  • {{email|(E-mail address)|(username)}}

For example, my listing would appear as

Once you’re done, click the “Save Changes” button and you’re listed.