Embelishment Problem with defined Keys

I’m not sure if this really is a bug. I tried to create Layer which is always activated and used for increase the + key. (Notebook with german keyboard where +~* are on the same key)
The problem is on testing the menu this gets resolved to UNKNOWN Key.
Is there a particualr reason the activate, incr and decr fields are defined different than the other ones (Why not use the Keystroke/Hotkeyconfigurer as done on the rest?)
Is this a bug, or some problem with language setting. Would it be wise to replace the current key setup methods, or is it there for a particular reason I don’t grasp?

Layers are special because you can define a set of keys rather than a single key. For example, you can require two keystrokes to activate a Layer. See the reference manual for details. This may make certain keystrokes inaccessible in a Layer.


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