Empire in Arms .094 1805 Start

We are trying too get a seven player game of this running. We have used Vassal for World in Flames in the past but are having issues with the British counters. It seems the Economic Manipulation marker can’t be moved nor any Depot for England other the the A Deport?

What are we doing wrong? We don’t see to have this issue with anything else.


These are module design errors. I looked at it quick in the Editor. You need to contact the module designer/maintainer and have him fix these problems in the 1805 extension:

  1. All British depots except the one you identified have the Restricted Access trait but no player sides listed–that’s why they are immovable. They need to have “Great Britain” added as a player side that can manipulate these pieces.

  2. Same problem goes for the Economic Manipulation marker–its Restricted Access trait has no player sides in the list, and needs “Great Britain” added.