Empire of the Sun / Terrible Swift Sword

Getting back into board gaming after a long break and relatively new to Vassal recently installed and played a couple of different modules to feel out the system. Spent a lot of time with PC based games (GG War in the Pacific AE, Flashpoint Campaigns, AGEOD Civil War, etc.) but would like to rekindle some of the board game interaction as well.

Looking for an opponent for either Empire of the Sun (2nd Edition) or one of the scenarios from Terrible Swift Sword up to and including the 3-day campaign.

Played TSS 2nd Edition a long time ago and see that Vassal uses the '76 edition. Would like to give it a go if someone is willing. By no means an expert.

Also interested in WW2 PTO and have been eyeing Empire of the Sun but have not played it but am open to learning if someone is willing to take on an apprentice.

Can do real-time depending on scheduling or PBEM with a generally quick turnaround.

would you be interested in one of the shorter GBACW games - like Cedar Mountain or Pea Ridge? I would have to play PBEM

Have you played WW2 PTO? I have played ETO countless times but although I own PTO, have never played it. I have Vassal mods for both.

Have not played but open to learning it.

Me too. Have you played ETO? I think many of the mechanics are the same.

Have not played either so would be starting fresh. Have access to the rules for ETO but not for PTO. Open to trying it out but would be solid novice with the rules.

UFPETE: Open to playing either via PBEM. Have played TSS that way so no issues there. Have the standard rules for GBACW so should be good to give it a run. Let me know and we can give either one a run.

How about Drive on Washington? I have not played yet but it looks simple in terms of the number of units - Module:Drive on Washington: The Battle of Monocacy Junction, July 9, 1864 - Vassal

my email is pjhansen@ufl.edu if you want to communicate directly by email

hi, i would like to play empire of the sun. my e-mail is moonspirit1@naver.com. plz e-mail for me