Empire of the Sun

I’ve just finished playing through the 1942 scenario a couple of times and I’d like to have a crack at playing some more of the game.
I’m looking for someone at a similiar level of play who would like to explore the game through some scenarios with me in a relaxed fashion.
I haven’t used vassal before but I have it installed and it seems easy enough. I have been using the wargame room to date which I have found very useful.
I can play pretty much whenever till the lock down ends. I am on UK timezone.


I am learning EotS, but haven’t played a game yet. I am therefore definitely not at your level.

However, if you were willing to play and help me in the beginnings, I’d love to play and learn. I like wargameroom a lot and generally prefer it to Vassal. However, the EotS module in vassal seems to be pretty good, so I don’t mind either option. I prefer realtime gameplay with voice chat if possible (Discord).

I live in GMT+1 and am generally available to play evenings 20+. We could aim for a game some time next week or early may. Let me know.

Best regards,

That sounds great, I’ll send you a PM with my email.
More than happy to learn with you.

Also looking for a vassal opponent for EotS, have played two games. Know the rules, don’t really know the strategy. EST time zone, prefer vassal live with or without voice chat.

Great, sounds like that would be fun.
Are you available in afternoons US times?

Ok, to whoever (benm?), yes I’m very available these days due to the pandemic haha. Social distancing at least can lead to some gaming. Pm me your contact info.

Super :slight_smile:
I have PM’d you my email

I am interested in a campaign starting with 1st turn in pbem with ACTS.
European time zone.

I’d be interested in giving this a shot. This would be my first attempt at playing this on Vassal. Have played solo a number of times but not against a human opponent. I’m in the US, central time zone.

I now have several games in progress, sorry, I have to work a little too anyway.

No problem. Thanks

Looking for opponents
in PBEM with ACTS or not
long or short game

I would gladly start a long 1942 campaign wpbem with ACTS