Empires in Arms PBEM

Hey folks, I am new to this forum and am pursuing PBEM games now since my gaming group has moved on.

I would love to play an Empire in Arms PBEM game. A full game of 7 players would be preferred. Does anyone play this here?


I enjoyed this game so much in the past… That I’ld like to be IN ! :smiley:
I have the bg at home but no one to play… I just aquire Vassal so I’m a true noob in this stuff but I’m IN !
(oh already said… But did I say that I’ld like to be IN?? :laughing: )



Ok, Pascal…I added you to the list!

Thx a lot… I’m from Belgium so I hope my English 'll not be too bad for you :smiley:
I need some practice it seems :unamused:

add me as well. it will be nice to play rather than GM. :slight_smile:

I am willing also. Have played the game a few times in ftf.


If you still have room i am also interested. Have never played it but i have the rules and read them recently. I am a seasoned gamer in other respects

contact me on : lars-peder.jensen@hotmail.dk