Enable solitaire mode

We are doing a play test of a game. the module has solitaire mode but when the scenario designer saved the scenario files he did not do so in solitaire mode and when you play it, you cannot switch side to solitaire. is there a way to go into a vsav file and change it so it will allow solitaire mode?

Which module?

NATO: The next War in Europe. But it is not publicly available as it is a playtest for the redesign of the game.

I guess I can’t “have a quick peek at the module” for you then. Normally if a game HAS solitaire mode then you’d be able to switch sides to it using the “Resign” (Change Sides) button on the toolbar. You could try opening the module in the Editor (right click on the module, pick “Edit Module” instead of Open Module), open up the “Definition of Player Sides” and make sure that Solitaire is on there. If it isn’t on there you could try adding it – but if the module designer hasn’t put in support then it may not help. Obviously make a quick backup of your module before editing.

If there is a Solitaire side and it was mistakenly occupied when the setup was saved (rendering it unavailable due to being locked by the designer’s personal module password), PM me and send me the .vsav, if you know how to extract it. Or just a Dropbox/Google Drive/etc link to the entire module works too.