Enemy Action: Ardennes - Hotkey modification

I’ve found a small bug in the Enemy Action: Ardennes module.

There is the same hotkey (CTRL P) for two different actions (Peek and Send Discarded Primary Cards to the Draw Pile) which causes the discarded cards being sent to the draw pile whitout notice when peeking the cards.

I’ve edited the deck attributes in the Discarded Primary Cards Deck and changed the hotkey there. For further safety, I’ve also changed the hotkey for Peeking the Primary cards. To no avail, as the new hotkeys don’t work and the old hotkey is still functional (and still causing trouble).

What am I doing wrong?

If you change piece traits like this, the changes do not propagate to any saved games inside the module that may exist for scenario setups. You would want to load a scenario, use Tools → Refresh Counters, save as a new saved game, then insert this back into the module (using the exact same filename of the existing .vsav file in the module’s internals). I strongly recommend using 7zip for this task on a PC, as you don’t have to mess with modifying file extensions. VASSAL modules are simply zip files with a different file extension.

Thanks so much, Joel!

Where is the Module? I don’t see it in the main listing or search.