Enhancements to dice button prompt

More granular control over the dice prompt. Right now, if ‘Prompt for values when button pushed’ is selected, the user can enter the number of dice, type of dice, and any bonuses to be added. As is, the dice prompt is clumsy to use (and subject to abuse).

  1. The dice type should be hard-codeable. For example, if the game only uses 6-sided dice, there should be a checkbox next to ‘Number of sides per die’ so that 6 is always pre-populated in the prompt, and the user never needs to (in fact, cannot) enter it.

  2. The ‘add to each die’ and ‘add to overall total’ should be able to be disabled so a user can’t type anything into the prompt for these values. (These should also be able to be pre-populated with pre-set values like the dice type, above. )