Enhancing the Grid Dot Function

Greetings. Just wondering. Is it possible to add to the grid function to increase the number of pixels a border or dot displays on screen? I do like the (somewhat) recent ability to just display dots, but they are rather small. World in Flames uses hex dots in lieu of a hex grid for sea areas. But a very small dot still makes that a moot point.

As I said, just wondering. I suppose the same capability for either, the grid and dot, may be of benefit for some games.

Would love a no, maybe or yes. Even just a FO.:slight_smile:

It wouldn’t be very hard to add a radius setting for the center dots. I’m trying hard to direct my efforts toward V4 at this point, however, so don’t expect any new V3 features from me. Perhaps you can convince someone else to work on it.

That’s quite OK Joel. I fully realise that most effort is being directed to V4.

So who would be best to try and convinve?

Have a nice day.

It’s not up to me to volunteer anyone, sorry.

Just a who is who in the Vassal programming space. I know there is Brett. But who actually does stuff?

VASSAL code is kept in a modern, popular source code repository at GitHub - vassalengine/vassal: VASSAL, the open-source boardgame engine. A code repository is much like a library that allows check outs, contributions, updates, and notifications. You need a github.com account to see what is going on.

The Issues menu item shows users who are reporting bugs.

The Pull Requests menu item shows developers who are contributing and wish to have their fix or feature put into the code.

(Sorry, this is a technical answer, but it is probably most complete and up-to-date.)

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