Entering a room for a game you don't have

Is there a way to enter a room/channel for a game you don’t have installed?

Specifically, sometimes I will see people playing a game that is not in the modules section and want to speak to them about where to get a copy…

I have excat the same question. If you got the answer or found out by yourself, can you please post it here thx.

If you are not scared of the Editor I have a solution for you.

Create a New Module. Double click [Module] to get to the Module properties and name the game exactly the same as the name you see in the game list you want to join. To avoid a warning dialog on save go into Main Map and right-click on Map Boards to Add Board, leave the values on default. Save the module somewhere (not sure this is required). From the editor click on server controls and connect to the game. You will join the same room as the module you don’t have. You will ofcourse not be able to see any of the game components since you don’t have them, but chat communication should work. By default you will show up as “newbie” in the player list. You will have to first set a player name in the preferences before you join if you want to ‘be yourself’.