Rookie player here looking for opponent willing to be patient as I try PBEM EOTS for the first time. Have done some solitaire with 4.3 and have downloaded 5.0. Have not used Acts.

Have a fair grasp of the rules. Would like to start with a short game. 42 or 43. Either side.

Can do a turn a day.

Looking for a long term opponent if personalities mesh :slight_smile:

I had posted here a couple of days ago. Can play either side , 42 or 43 scenario fine by me as well. Usually play campaign but start with these is fine. Vassal and can use ACTS for cards etc., or just use mod is fine as well. I will let you choose game . PM with ideas , questions.

Greig ggoodfellow@telus .net GreigG on ACTS.

Closed. Opponent found.

Gentlemen, can I be an observer ?

Afraid not on both counts . 1, pbem game
2, Opponent quit

can I join ?

Still looking?