Error Message "Invalid Import File"

Hi there guys

I have recently updated my vassal to version 3.1.13 (unlucky for some, me mainly) and I am having some problems importing a new module.

All I get is the error message “Invalid Import File”

“The file ‘C:\Program Files\VASSAL\Modules\WarmachineHordesModule_3.1.1.vmod’ cannot be imported into VASSAL.”

Has anybody got any clues as to why this isn’t working?

Any response would be much appreciated.

Oh and the module I’m using has been downloaded from here.

The ‘Import Module’ function is for only importing Aide de Camp modules into Vassal.

However, it looks like you’re trying to run a standard Vassal .vmod file–not ‘import’ it.

Try opening Vassal first, then pick File > Open Module, then pick the War Machine mod you’re trying to open.

Cheers “mycenae”

I have actually just managed to figure that out for myself!

Damn I’m a noob!

Thanks again.

On Dec 11, 2009, at 2:39 PM, mycenae wrote:

Perhaps then, the menu command should be renamed “Import ADC Module”?

When other module types get added to the import they can either get
their own type or the name can be changed again to something like
“Import non-Vassal Module”.

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Thus spake “alexsmith”:

You don’t import VASSAL modules into VASSAL. The Import option is for
converting modules from other formats (e.g., ADC2) into VASSAL’s format.
The menu item you should be choosing is “Open Module”.


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Hi alexsmith. it may be due the the reason that some files may remain miss during updation. you may try again

Agreed…and may some files may be missing during installation. You should need to check both installation and updates.

Hello everyone, names Bobby & i just upgraded my Vassal. I had the very first version & now i just got the newest version today & when i load it up & go to open my SWMinis.mod a pop-up containing this appears:

Containing what?